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Total Immersion (TI) is a method of swimming instruction, developed by Terry Laughlin, an American swimming coach. Total Immersion techniques of have been refined over 25 years with countless thousands of students—most of whom had little skill or experience.

Total Immersion has become the most popular swimming technique with adult learners and triathletes because of its systematic progression of skills.


This approach can be beneficial to entry-level adult
swimmers, triathletes, distance swimmers, and those who swim for exercise and health. The focus on efficiency and stroke length can be applied to swimming in competition as well.


Its primary focus is to teach swimmers to move through the water efficiently. By conserving energy and focusing on balance and streamlining in the water, any energy used for propulsion becomes much more
effective. Basic principles of teaching include sustainability of effort, drag reduction, vessel shaping and
full body swimming.

Click to watch a demonstration on total immersion

Ninja Swim utilizes a unique mix of the Art & Science of swimming via the Total Immersion coaching method to help you reach your infinite possibilities. 

Total Immersion Coaching to help you reach infinite possibilities.

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